St Joseph's Villa, Dundas, Ontario, VolunteersIf you are interested in volunteering at St. Joseph’s Villa, you will arrange a meeting with the Volunteer Co-ordinator. We will provide a Volunteer Application form for your information; information that will need to be supplied will include a current Police Check.  The interview will include a discussion on volunteer opportunities, and an outline of the practices pertaining to volunteers. This is your opportunity to discuss your interests and time availability. A structured Volunteer Orientation is mandatory; this session provides an introduction to St. Joseph’s Villa and a tour of our facility. Hands on training is provided by staff in the department that you will be volunteering with.

For more information about volunteering at St. Joseph’s Villa,  contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Deborah Fernandes at (905) 627-9011 extension 2240 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For directions to St. Joseph's Villa, please visit our Map & Directions page.

Volunteer Application Form