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The S.I.M Gym (Seniors in Motion) is a gym for people 55 and older in the community.  We are located in St.Joseph’s Villa, Dundas, Ontario. The S.I.M Gym is a fun, relaxed, supportive environment where we celebrate each person’s unique journey through health and fitness.

We offer a variety of fitness class options, including aerobics, sit and be fit, balance, yoga, strength circuit, gentle strength training, mens only strength classes, spin, Tai Chi fitness, and dance aerobics for adults 55 years and older. Our exercise equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, arc trainers, recumbent and upright bikes, free weights, weight machines, medicine balls, stability balls, Bosu trainers, thera bands, hand cycle, a stretch machine and a punching bag! The friendly surroundings encourage members to help one another and make new friends. Fitness should be fun and motivational and S.I.M. Gym is where you’ll find it!  Our staff is Can-Fit-Pro Certified, Bone Fit Certified and Fitness For Breath Ceritified.

Each new member has a pre-booked assessment with our personal trainer to review your fitness goals, learn the functions of the exercise equipment and to create a fitness program designed with you in mind. This first $25.00 session is the only administration fee you’ll ever see at the S.I.M Gym!  We provide month by month membership dues with options for two week to two month notified holds for vacations with no hidden fees or dues encountered.  Check our rates by contacting us and comparing what we have to offer older adults with other local gyms.

Our location provides easy access, city bus route stops, free parking and on-site amenities such as café, meeting rooms, used clothing store, adult day program, chapel and beauty salon to name a few. We like to think of St. Joseph’s Villa as a one stop resource for aging adults in our community.


Both the United Way of Hamilton & Burlington and the Provincial Government’s Communities in Action Fund supported our start up.  Today, the Local Health Integration Network considers this vibrant and growing service an effective part of the “aging at home strategies” for the health and well being of our aging population.