schedule 2017

The S.I.M Gym has an exercise class to fit everybody!

Aerobics - A fun cardio class that will get your heart pumping! A great class for beginner or advanced!

Balance Class - The goal of this program is to improve your stability and balance thus working towards falls reduction. “You can always get it back!”

Dance Aerobics - Learn some new dance moves in this fun cardio class - no dance experience required!

Gentle Strength Training - Working at your own pace/level using balls, bands, and light hand weights.

Men's Only Strength Class - Learn proper form, gain strength, and have fun!

Sit and Be Fit - Cardio and strength training from a seated position using balls, light weights and resistance bands.

Spin - An exercise class done on a spinning bike that will get your heart rate up, make you sweat and make you smile!

Strength and Circuit Training - High energy circuit style (work at different stations) strength class using a variety of equipment.

Tai Chi Fitness - A great exercise class to strengthen and stretch your body and mind.

Yoga - Postures, breath work and mindfulness. 




Man on Training Bike