Residents at St. Joseph’s Villa may access our Community Outreach Program (Clinics) on the ground floor south wing with a referral from their attending physician and or consent from a POA. The clinics offered are tailored to meet the special needs of our residents and the senior members of our community.

Dental services including dental hygiene are offered on site through SMILE Dental clinic. Advanced Foot Care is available regularly to our residents with the completion of a consent form during their admission process and to community patrons monthly. Other clinics are accessible by resident or family request, nursing request, or by Doctor’s order.

To book at appointment, call the receptionist in the Community Outreach Services Clerk at (905) 627-3541, extension 2248.


Clinics offered include:

Dermatology Services
The dermatology program operates once each month.  A fully qualified dermatologist will see seniors referred by their personal physicians at our well-equipped facilities.

Dental Services
SMILE Dental Services provides a full range of services on site. Residents, Staff and Community patrons may book appointments directly with SMILE dental by calling 905-928-5463.

Advanced Nursing Foot Care Services
Advanced Nursing Foot Care services operates the second Friday of each month from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Clients may book appointments directly with the Community Outreach Office at (905) 627-3541 extension 2248.


Ear, Nose and Throat Services
Dr. E. Janey - Otolaryngologist, sees clients in our clinic the second Thursday afternoon of each month. Appointments are booked after referral by your personal physician by calling 905-627-3541 x 2248.

Wound Care
Dr. N Flett provides advanced wound care management at a weekly clinic for both residents and community. A physicians referral is required.  Appointments are booked by calling 905-627-3541 x 2248.